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Carrot Body Lotion

Rs. 300.00


Ishal Naturalz body lotion is completely packed with abundant amount of rich vitamins , anti-oxidants and natural purifier. We assure our customers to provide products only with pure and natural ingredients that helps to improve their skin health. In a way our carrot body lotion gives deep hydration as well as promotes skin health with zero chemical ingredients.


  • Has anti - ageing property
  • Carrot body lotion will protect against harmful sun radiation.
  • Beta carotene helps in reparing skin tissue.
  • Gives deep hydration for dry and flaky skin.


Carrot extract, aqua, almond oil, seasame oil vengunguliam.


Take a little amount of lotion and apply gently on your whole body every day. Even can adults use this amazing lotion.


We are using natural and plant based ingredients only. Natural ingredients also may cause some allergies on your skin. So patch test strictly recommended.

Carrot Body Lotion

Rs. 300.00