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Dark Neck Cream

Rs. 250.00


Our Dark Neck Cream can be effectively called the Pocket solution for the Dark and Pigmented Neck. The Premier exotic Vitamin-rich oils infused in our Dark Neck Cream helps in Skin Rejuvenation and Smoothens the Skin texture while your Skin gets Pigmented. Everyday Gentle massage with our Dark Neck Cream would enhance the Skin in every use. It has mild unseen exfoliation that aids in the formation of the New Cells. It will reduces the Pigmentation slowly and tend to provide a Glowing and Brightened Neck with our Dark Neck Cream.


  • Reduces Pigmentation and Improves Complexion
  • Gives even Skin Tone
  • Gently exfoliates the Pigmented Skin
  • Gives Glow and enhances Brightness



Ayurvedic oil which includes Manjistha,coffee beans,redsandal wood, Turmeric,mulethi,papaya powder. Almond oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, glycerine, frankincense and nutmeg essential oil.


Take a little amount of the Cream and apply all over the Neck every night and wash it off in the morning. Use regularly for the Best results.


Patch Test is Strictly Recommended.

Why we recommend you for a patch test? Is that questions you about our former is natural?

No worries ishal fam . In ishal naturalz all our formulation are completely natural but we use plant derived natural chemical which is completely safe. In concern of our customers , eventhough its natural it may cause allergic reactions at some cause, so we highly recommend you to take patch test.

Dark Neck Cream

Rs. 250.00