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Foot Butter

Rs. 250.00


Our Foot Butter has the healing properties that have several Fatty Acids and loaded Vitamins. The vitamin E protects the Skin from several damages. The several kinds of butter that we have infused in the Foot Butter will reduce the Cracks in the heel. This will help in the Smoothening and maintain the Foot Crack Soft naturally. It prevents the skin from the extreme flaky dryness in the foot and aids in extreme Softness. The property of the Natural Butter and Oils in our Foot Butter enables to seep deep in your dry feet and deeply gets absorbed in your Skin and Cures cracks and dry chapped foot. Oils and Butters are always a Boon to your entire body. so get indulged with the fruitful essence of Ishal Naturalz foot butter.


  • Deeply Nourishable for Chapped Dry Foot
  • Relieves Pain and Enhances the Blood Circulation
  • Has Antibacterial Healing properties
  • Deeply Penetrate in your Foot


Shea Butter,Coco butter,Coconut oil,Olive oil,Arrow root powder,Vit-E,Beeswax , Lavender, pepper mint and lemon essential oils.


Take an enough and good amount of the Butter and gently apply and massage for 2 minutes mildly and leave it overnight. Use it regularly to get Smooth and Crack Free Foot anytime.


Patch Test is Strictly Recommended.

Foot Butter

Rs. 250.00