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Foot Soak

Rs. 280.00


Our Foot Soak is formulated to get relaxed and Stress free Foot. It relieves extreme Acne and Pain due to several other Personal kinds of Stuff. The Epsom Salt in our Foot Soak extremely detox the foot and eliminates the rough Toxins that present in your Foot and gives you a Toxic and Dirt free Beautiful foot. It helps to prevent Swelling and the Bacterial formation in the Nails and the toes. It is considered to be the mild exfoliator without any tool but by eliminating it with the gentle Salt cleanser. The infusion of the most powerful essential Oils in our Foot Soak helps in infections as it has Antiseptic healing property. As our Foot Soak is the oldest method of detoxing the foot. It can also be used for detoxing your entire body.


  • Relieves Pain and Swelling
  • Gives relaxed and Stressless Foot
  • Detoxify the Foot Deeply
  • Acts as a Mild exfoliator that tends to get the Crack Free Foot.


Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan pink salt,Geranium, Lavender Oil, Cinnamon, Cloves, Annasi Poo, Sombu.


Take a Spoonful of Salt and add in the half-filled Hot water. Soak your Foot for at least 20 mins. Then clean it with the Towel. Use weekly once for the Best results.


Patch Test is Strictly Recommended.

Why we recommend you for a patch test? Is that questions you about our former is natural?

No worries ishal fam . In ishal naturalz all our formulation are completely natural but we use plant derived natural chemical which is completely safe and dermatologically approved. In concern of our customers , eventhough its natural it may cause allergic reactions at some cause, so we highly recommend you to take patch test.

Foot Soak

Rs. 280.00