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Skin Shining Pack

Rs. 250.00


Ishal’s Skin Shinning Pack is made of the most Natural, Traditional, and Ayurvedic ingredients such as Turmeric and Licorice. Our Natural Skin Shinning Pack is the best solution for deep cleansing your skin, As it has the most nourishable ingredients. It helps in giving you perfect healthy skin.


  • Gives a Natural Glow
  • Brightens your Skin
  • Nourishes and Hydrates your Skin
  • Have Antioxidant Properties
  • Treats Acne and Acne Scars


Fuller’s Earth, Green Grams, Urad dhal, Chickpeas, White Turmeric, Kichili Kizhangu, Rose Petals, hibiscus flowers,Avarampoo, Magizhampoo, Orange Peel, Vellai Sundal, Licorice, Red Sandalwood, Almonds, Jojoba Oil, Lavender, Geranium essential Oil, Vit E.


Take a spoonful of Skin Shinning Powder and Mix it with water / Curd / Rosewater/ Aloe vera gel and apply it all over the face and neck. Once it gets dried, wash it off with Coldwater. Do it twice to thrice a Week for the Best results.


Patch Test is Strictly Recommended.

Why do we recommend you for a patch test? Is that question you have about our former nature?

No worries Ishal fam. In Ishal Naturalz all our formulations are completely natural but we use a plant-derived natural chemical which is completely safe. In concern of our customers, even though it is natural it may cause allergic reactions at some point, so we highly recommend you take a patch test.

Skin Shining Pack

Rs. 250.00