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A Serum To Make Your Skin Shine & Glow

Skincare does not revolve around moisturizers and lip balm. There are a lot more in them. Products like moisturizers, lip balm, etc help in maintaining the preventing your skin from further damage. But when the damage is already done, and if you are looking for an additional product to make your skin clean and healthy, then serum plays a vital role in them. There are different kind of serums available in the market, which plays unique role based on the formulations and ingredients.

Some of the serums include pigmentation serum, brightening serum, no acne mark serum, shining serum, clearing serum, and a lot more. Most of us mainly focus on the brightening serum and at the same time, skin shining serum. They not just focus on one specific area, but all over your face, the nook and corners.

A bright and shining face will give you a kind of self-confidence. To achieve them, you must take care of your skin, and pamper them atleast once in a week. There is a statement that serums are weight in nature, which will invite acne and pimples. The answer is no. Even though there are oily kinds of serums, you will also get options for watery-based serums too. It is important to choose the right serum based on your skin type.

Here are some of the benefits of adding skin serum to your face:

  1. Helps in retaining moisture and hydration level. Especially in winter seasons, adding serum helps in preventing the white flakiness and dry [patches that are occurring in the skin.
  2. If you have dry or extremely dry skin, using serum will be one of the best things you are giving to your skin.
  3. It is completely a myth to say that oily skin people should skip serum. You can use a water-based or gel-based serum.  
  4. Using ayurvedic and naturally fermented oils in serum will in many skin care concerns like pigmentation, dark circles, and a lot more.
  5. There are even serums formulated so much light in weight for acne-prone skin types.

Kunkumadi Serum:

One of the best plant-based oils, which is just an all-in-one product for your skin and body. A multi-purpose oil which can be used for pigmentation, acne scars, dark circles, patchy marks, dark necks or elbows or knees, lips serum, etc. 

The ingredients used are:

  • Manjistha, Kadukai, turmeric, etc for removing spots and marks. 
  • Almond oil, jojoba oil, carrot seed oil, etc for hydrating and moisturizing the skin.
  • Saffron strands, rose petals, korai kizhangu, vetiver - black & white for brightening the skin.

You can use them both AM and in the PM routine. Just take a few drops of serum and gently dab them on your face. There are also a few DIY recipes you can try. For eg: Add 2 to 3 drops of serum to your face pack to make sure you get a glowing look after washing your face. Mix a few drops of serum in your foundation or moisturizer if you don't want your skin to look too oily.