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Henna - A Super Ingredient for Skin

Henna is one of the most common ingredients used in the home when thinking about natural dyes for hair. Also, it is true that applying the henna paste on the hands reduces the heat consumption in the body; While also helping in making nails stronger and healthier. The cuticle area in nails is prone to infections easily; In that case, applying henna paste will relieve your nail infections. The yellowish-red color after washing will be so beautiful that will help in soothing your mind too. Also, dig in to know the benefits of adding henna to skincare

Henna - A Boon of Skincare Concerns:

  • Astringent - One of the important properties that we don’t know about using henna in skincare is that they are rich in astringent properties. Because of the in-built astringent property, it helps in reducing and fading away acne scars, blemishes, and even spots in the facial area.
  • Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial - The antiviral and antibacterial properties in henna will help in healing sunburns, wounds in your body, and also rashes in the skin.
  • Anti-Ageing - It has one of the unknown factors when it comes to henna! Using henna-infused products like henna lotion, henna oil, etc would reduce the signs of aging and wrinkles in the skin. Since this is completely natural, it is 100% safe for all skin types.
  • Anti-Inflammatory - Applying henna-infused products will help in reducing your tension and keeps you calm physically and mentally. This is the reason why brides are applying henna for their hands, irrespective of their beauty.
  • Induced Sleep - There are a lot of us today who are suffering from irregular or disturbed sleep. Inducing henna will help in inducing good peaceful sleep.

Henna Body Lotion - A Super Cream for All Skin Types:

We all now know how important it is to take care of our body skin, as much as we concentrate on our facial skin. To protect our body's skin, make sure to do a body care routine at least once a week to remove the dead skin cells in the body. 

As we moisturize our face, make sure to keep your hands, knees, elbows, legs, thighs, feet, and all parts of your body moisturized too. For this, a henna body lotion is one of the best choices to go with. As we hydrate using water, make sure to hydrate externally with the help of moisturizer for better results. It is completely normal to see skin peeled, extremely dry, and sometimes even cracked during the winter days. In that case, this is one of the perfect body lotions for dry skin. The body lotion is extremely natural, and made with a blend of freshly plucked henna leaves extract, along with natural oils like Almond Oil and Coconut Oil. A perfect body lotion for winter to say bye-bye to your dry and patchy skin.

Henna Leaves - Helps in treating your skin by removing the marks, and blemishes, and also will treat the rashes or burns present in the skin.

Almond Oil - Helps in hydrating and soothing your skin naturally. When combined with Henna leaves, it reduces the scars and marks present in your body.

Coconut Oil - This will help in moisturizing the skin naturally because of its wonderful properties. Because of the presence of coconut oil, the lotion can be used just for the body, instead of the face for avoiding greasiness.

We have two different sizes available. You can try our 100ml henna lotion first, and sure you will go with 200ml on your next order.


1. Will body lotion make my skin oily?

A big No. Our Henna Body Lotion is very light in weight and will be absorbed in between 20 - 30 seconds. One of the best body lotions for tanned skin.

2. What are the benefits of henna body lotion?

Henna helps in enhancing the skin tone and evens them out by reducing uneven skin patches, along with sun tan and blemishes. You can even reduce the signs of aging when using body lotion regularly.

3. Can my sun tan be removed? 

Yes, you can see visible changes on using our henna body moisturizer continuously for a limited period of time. A perfect body lotion for pigmented skin/body lotion for sun tan. Also using them after skin-shining soap gives effective results

4. When can the henna body lotion be used?

You can use both in your AM and PM routines. Take a few drops of henna body lotion, and gently apply it all over your body by massaging for better results.

5. What are the body lotions used for?

Using our best body lotions helps in hydrating your skin by giving a moisturized feel that is removed in the process of cleansing.